Event Recap: 2nd Annual Bonding Conference 2018









The event was a great success! About 110 professionals and 40 students gathered at the Player’s Club for an exciting evening of education and networking. The panelists were vibrant, well-informed, and evocative. They discussed the business value of retaining diverse workforces and how companies are losing if they do not maintain diversity that reflects that of the populace. The panelists wove personal commentary, humor, and their core values into the conversation. Expertly moderated by Ana Persic of UNESCO, the panel discussion was nothing short of inspirational. Furthermore, the networking reception was energetic and productive; the professional attendees appeared to be constantly engaging the student presenters and they voted Naomi Campbell from CCNY as the winner of the Chase Musson Award for Outstanding Poster. Congratulations to Naomi and to the entire Bonding Conference committee for an evening to remember!