Chemists Club Hosts Graduate Student Career Panel at NYU

Chemists Club members returned to NYU Tuesday, February 19 for a career panel hosted jointly with the University’s Chemistry Department and the Club’s NYU Student Chapter. The event, which lasted more than two hours due to popular demand, attracted more than 50 students ranging from senior undergraduates to the Post-doctorate level, and included gourmet snacks for all involved.

The focus of the evening was on a panel of four professionals, who discussed their own careers and their observations about career planning, after which they answered questions from the audience. The participants, who spanned a range of education levels and experience, both academic and industrial, were:

  • Joel Freundlich (PhD), Professor at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J. with a several years of industry experience.
  • Kevin Song (PhD) R&D manager in Personal Care Chemicals and additives at BASF
  • Anthony Diaz Santana (PhD), L’Oreal research chemist
  • Maxwell Kushner Lenhoff (MS), Communications Manager in Dow Public Affairs

Over the course of the discussion, which was driven by questions from the audience, participants discussed topics ranging from crafting a resume to entrepreneurship and many in between: career choices, e.g., academia vs. industry and chemical companies vs. product companies; networking to find job opportunities; and interview techniques.

The event concluded at 8:30 with many students remaining behind to continue informal discussions with the panel members.

The panel was organized by NYU Student Chapter President Rachel Ness and Chemistry Graduate Association President Brisa Hurlocker and made possible by the gracious support of the NYU staff and the use of NYU facilities.